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Through innovative learning, successful networking and effective advocacy, ISFEA is a connective force for our profession


Information Science Foundation for Eastern Africa (ISFEA) is a Regional Organisation that started in 2005 in response to the challenges of perception of the Information Science fields that result from limited awareness of the human resource skills possessed by Information Science professionals. It brings together a number of highly qualified and experienced Information Science professionals including Library Science; Records, Archive and Documentation management; Information Management, Data management; Information, Communication and Technology management; Book trade and Industry ready to handle all kinds of Information work in diversified fields in the region.

Establish the Information Science identity within the African context so that it is perceived as the cornerstone for Democracy, Education and Regional Development.

To have a knowledgeable, Information driven society at organisation / Departmental, community, national and Regional level.

To contribute to National and Regional development through generation, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of Information to users and reduce the Information gap, increase awareness and achieve a knowledgeable society.

Main Program Components for 2012 – 2016

  • Capacity Building for Information professionals in the regional.
  • Research, Project Planning and Implementation.
  • Advocacy and Public Relations.
  • ISFEA Development and Collaboration.